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    Welcome to my website! I feature my hit YouTube flagship program "The Show About...with Simone RC!", SRC Media Productions for all your video and advertising needs and the new program, "Hanging with Simone RC".
    - The Show About...with Simone RC! was created out of the frustration that there are so many talented people here in Toronto and Beyond that need to be discovered. The Show About gives me the AWESOME opportunity to introduce the World to emerging artists and talent in the Creative Arts, Entertainment, Fashion, Film and Music! Guest of The Show About can advertise what they Do in their Industry, their current and future projects...all about them and their Talent! The Show About...with Simone RC! is there to get them that much needed Exposure that they truly deserve.

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  • By creating The Show About...with Simone RC! and seeing that there was a need for affordable Quality video production to assist small businesses and emerging talent, SRC Media! was born.